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Hot Dates - Pay What You Can

Hot Dates - Pay What You Can

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Pay What You Can

What is 'Pay What You Can'?

Pay What You Can is really what it sounds like. You simply the enter the price you feel you are able to pay (you can enter as little as $4 or as much as $20), and we send you a bag of Hot Dates for that price. 


Everyday at 12pm EST, we will offer a limited number of bags at the Pay What You Can option. Please be respectful and limit yourself to purchasing one bag at a time. If we sell out one day, check back the next day when we restock.


We don't make any money from these sales. Any profit that we do make is donated to the GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund, which supports the most effective charities working to alleviate poverty in developing countries.


Why would we do this?

While Hot Dates aren't the most expensive snack out there and we're pretty intentional about keeping our prices as accessible as possible while also paying fair prices to our suppliers, spending ten dollars on a snack (even one as awesome as Hot Dates) can be inaccessible for some folks, and lets just say that the idea that some folks can't enjoy the food we make because of money goes against our better sensibilities.


How much should I pay?

You should pay what you feel able to. Don't stress too much over this. Our suggested full retail price is $9.79 but if spending that on snack feels stressful, pay less. If on the other hand, money is not stressful for you at all, and you want a quick and easy way to support some of the most effective charities, pay as much as $20 and all profits will be donated to the GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund.


This is an experiment that we started in November 2022 in an effort to make our food more accessible. We will continue to adjust the program as we learn more about how it is working in order to better serve our customers and community.



Dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with spiced sunflower butter with a touch of sea salt. Sweet, salty, and just enough heat to keep you coming back for more.


  • Plant-Based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Handmade in Small Batches
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Carbon Neutral
  • No Preservatives
  • No GMOs
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors


This option includes 1 pouch with 3.5 oz of Hot Dates (roughly 6-9 pieces).


Allergen Info

We take allergens very seriously and try to be as conscientious as possible about disclosing potential allergens and contaminants. If you have any other questions about allergens or ingredients please reach out to Robbie at


Soy: The chocolate we use contains soy and so our products are not safe for folks with soy allergies.


Peanuts & Tree nuts: Our products do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts, but our kitchen does contain both peanuts and tree nuts and our chocolate line does come in contact with products that contain peanuts and tree nuts. We are very careful to avoid cross contamination and our chocolate line is thoroughly cleaned between batches, however folks with peanut or tree nut allergies should use their own judgement when deciding to consume.


Gluten: Our products do not contain any gluten and our ingredients are all gluten-free. All of our equipment, including our chocolate line is dedicated to gluten-free ingredients, but our kitchen does have gluten containing products.


Dairy: Our products do not contain any dairy ingredients, however our dark chocolate comes from a facility that does process milk chocolate and other dairy products and may contain trace amounts of dairy.



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