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Holiday Gift Bundle

Holiday Gift Bundle

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Share the love with this hand curated gift basket of locally produced, ethically sourced, and ridiculously delicious treats.


This bundle comes packaged in an elegant, yet compostable kraft gift box with compostable filling and features:


1 Bag of Hot Dates - Dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with spiced sunflower butter and a touch of sea salt.

1 Bag of Coffee Dates - Dark chocolate coated Medjool dates filled with sunflower butter + espresso.

1 Jar of Curio Elmendorf Everything Spice - Developed especially for our friends at Elmendorf Bake Shop, this blend is crunchy, savory, and endlessly versatile.  Coriander, nigella and mustard seeds are added to the traditional everything blend to give it a warm, slightly Middle Eastern bent that we love. Add to bagels and crackers, or sprinkle on vegetables, dips, and soups. 

1 Bag of Dean's Beans Moka Sumatra Coffee - Moka Sumatra combines the dry, rich cocoa undertones of hard bean Nicaraguan and the full body of Indonesian Sumatran. Dean's best seller, feels like silk on your palate. Wow!

1 Customized Gift Note - Customize your gift box with a personalized note. Just tell us what to write!


About Curio Spice Shop: Curio is a woman-owned benefit corporation in Cambridge, MA, working to improve the lives of farmers. They specialize in directly sourced, sustainably produced spices from around the world. They work hard to build relationships with farmers and share their stories with you. Their unique blends help tell these stories through their beautiful aromas and the depth of flavor they add to your food.

Fun fact: Curio has been our supplier for all spices in Hot Dates.

About Dean's Beans Coffee: Dean's Beans is based in Orange, MA and is not only roasting up some of the best tasting coffee beans in the state, but they are using their coffee sourcing to directly support small holder farmers and cooperatives, while protecting local ecosystems and building soil health. All their coffees are Fair trade and Organic, but those certifications don't begin to do justice to their approach to sourcing. The Moka Sumatra blend that we use for a our Coffee Dates comes from the Prodecoop in Esteli, Nicaragua, where Dean's Beans is funding reforestation and child literacy programs, and from the Takengon Highlands of Sumatra where Dean's Beans is funding the reforestation of migratory bird habitat.

Fun fact: Dean's Beans has been our supplier for the espresso in Coffee Dates.


Coffee Date Nutrition

Hot Date Nutrition

Allergen Info

We take allergens very seriously and try to be as conscientious as possible about disclosing potential allergens and contaminants. If you have any other questions about allergens or ingredients please reach out to Robbie at


Soy: The chocolate we use contains soy and so our products are not safe for folks with soy allergies.


Peanuts & Tree nuts: Our products do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts, but our kitchen does contain both peanuts and tree nuts and our chocolate line does come in contact with products that contain peanuts and tree nuts. We are very careful to avoid cross contamination and our chocolate line is thoroughly cleaned between batches, however folks with peanut or tree nut allergies should use their own judgement when deciding to consume.


Gluten: Our products do not contain any gluten and our ingredients are all gluten-free. All of our equipment, including our chocolate line is dedicated to gluten-free ingredients, but our kitchen does have gluten containing products.


Dairy: Our products do not contain any dairy ingredients, however our dark chocolate comes from a facility that does process milk chocolate and other dairy products and may contain trace amounts of dairy.



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